What to Eat Before and After a Workout

Working out without considering your nutrition is sort of like going to a mixology bar and ordering a vodka cranberry. 

Like...why are even you here? 

Just stay home, you just don’t get it... 🤦‍♀️

Today, I’m gonna tell you exactly what and when to eat before and after a workout.

First thing to get out of the way here:

I am one of the few people in the industry who is NOT a fan of supplements. Probably cause I don’t sell any.

(And you should be suspicious of the advice given from anyone who does). 

Unless you have a naturally-occurring or diet-dependent vitamin deficiency, or your prepping for a bodybuilding competition, 90% of the crap out there is must marketing in a tub, so, please, save your money, and get what you need from eating real food.

So let’s start with what to eat BEFORE a workout.

As you may recall, I’m a personal advocate of morning workouts paired with fasted training and intermittent fasting, meaning I’d always prefer you, if possible, to workout in the morning (since willpower fades over the course of the day, and you’re more likely to get it done), and to do so in a fasted state (on an empty stomach). 

This is what I practice personally, as well as a good portion of my coaching clients, and I’ve seen this path to reveal the best results the quickest. 

So if you can do it, all I want you to consume before a workout is: 

  • A lot of water

  • Coffee, tea, or any other morning beverage less than 50 calories (which won’t break your fasted state)

That said, not everyone can handle that routine, either because of their schedule, or maybe they just don’t like it or can’t lift as heavy, and that’s 100% fine.

So what would you eat in that case and when?

In order to max fat loss and prep your muscles for maximum protein synthesis (which we care about cause that’s how we build muscle), you’re gonna want to eat a small meal of protein and carbs about a half hour before your workout.

This could look like:

  • eggs on whole wheat toast

  • some cottage cheese and fruit

  • oatmeal

  • some lightly sweetened granola and yogurt

  • hummus and veggie sticks

  • a sandwich with a protein and mustard (or other non-fatty spread) 

  • protein pancakes

  • smoothies

Now let's talk about what you eat AFTER a workout.

Post-workout nutrition is super important! 

Make sure to consume a meal that includes a decent amount of protein, to maximize protein synthesis rates, as well as some carbs, to raise insulin levels and keep them elevated, further facilitating that muscle growth. 

And you’re gonna want to consume that within a 1-2 hour window after you workout.

So this could be:

  • a sandwich

  • a salad with grains and some protein on top

  • tuna on crackers

  • a turkey/chicken/veggie burger

  • quinoa bowl

  • a protein packed fruit smoothie

  • chicken and brown rice

  • basically anything else with a balanced amount of protein and carbs

Also, for a super easy on-the-go solution, just pack yourself a powdered protein shake in a shaker and simply add water when you’re ready to consume it.

Now I wanna know:

What’re YOUR favorite pre and post workout foods? Comment below!