This equipment-free, super-ass-kicker of an upper body workout contours your arms, shoulders, and back to give you that sexy “why yes, you can buy me a drink” glow.

(You can do one or both 6 minute circuits) 

Did I mention there’s some major man candy too?

Want to tone your abs and make your waist appear smaller in 9 minutes or less?

This ass-kicking, intensely slimming workout targets your abs from the inside out, so you can live all your skinty dreams!

(You can do one or both 4 1/2 minute circuits)

Get ready to focus on that ass like a 13 year old boy standing next to Kim Kardashian!

This equipment free booty lifting workout will leave you booty tight, toned, and spandex-ready.

(You can do one or both 6 minute circuits)

Make your legs quiver like a drunk b*tch in stilettos with this equipment-free leg slimming, super sculpting workout!

(You can do one or both 6 1/2 minute circuits)