The Results

I recently had a baby, I have a two year old, and I’m currently a stay at home mom. I found myself not losing any weight after the baby was born, with no energy to play with my two year old, making every excuse in the book to not exercise, and feeling really bad about myself.

I’m a physician taking a few months to stay at home with my children, and was really struggling with taking time to take care of myself so that I could be the best mom possible to my two boys.

The Health on the Rocks program helped me get my life back in order, gave me a HUGE energy boost, and even helped me lose quite a bit of the baby weight.

The workouts were FABULOUS because I could get them done quickly and efficiently and I could do them anywhere at anytime.

My favorite part about this program is how great eating a clean diet made me feel. While eating clean, I had energy and my body felt good.

This program has taught me first hand how much what I eat plays a role in how I feel.
— Becca, Nashville, TN

What People Are Saying

Casey understands humans and mistakes and imperfection (in our choices and bodies). She is not seeking to make you into the perfect swim model, just to empower you to make better choices.

In this program, I was able to break my baked goods addiction and get in shape. I was also able to feel like I had more control in my life from the small choices I was making every day, and it leaked out into other parts of my daily experience. This is a fantastic program and I feel incredible!
— Debra, San Francisco, CA
In the last 9 years since I had my kids, I have never been able to really drop a pound. At age 38, I can gain weight like a champ. This plan has changed all that!

Now I feel great and have changed my ways and bad habits. This program was so well rounded and holistic, and, after all this time, I am back on track!
— Andrea, Pottsville, PA
I have been struggling living on the road not knowing what to eat, how to work out properly, and I lost all control to my negative habits. Casey gave me the confidence, strength, and knowledge to make the right choices.

I am a stronger, happier, healthier version of myself. And I love the new me!
— Monica, New York, New York
In December of 2014, I had my son. He is adorable and wonderful, but I don’t think my body felt to same way.

Right after I had my kid, I did several diets, including Paleo and an MLM called Isagenix (don’t do it...its a cult). Nothing helped me lose the weight. I was not eating horribly, I ate in the lovely term ‘moderation’.

Then I hit my breaking point and I did some extreme dieting. I was able to lose 20 lbs. But no matter what I did, I couldn’t make the scale or my body budge. I was doing hours of cardio 4 times a week and eating less that 1000 calories a day...nothing. I was discouraged.

So I hit up [Health on the Rocks]... What I learned from Casey was priceless.

I learned that I was eating and working out completely wrong. I actually returned to my love of weight lifting (hello early 20s!) and doing ab work everyday. I also had the support that I needed to keep me going and to try out the Whole30.

I have lost inches, I have toned, I have discovered how food makes me FEEL.
— Rachel, Brooklyn, NY