Is Eating Late at Night Bad for You?

Eating late at night like going swimming right after you eat. Everyone knows it bad, they just don’t know exactly why

“Something about not being able to burn calories at night?”

“Something about food rotting in your stomach overnight?”

“Something about late night self-loathing and feeling like your cat is judging you?”

Wrong, wrong, and, well, half wrong. 

Unless you have acid reflux or another digestive issue, it doesn’t matter when you eat, as much as what and how much you eat over the course of a day. 

So if eating late at night is your favorite thing, lock your judgy-ass cat in the bathroom, and go for it, baby.

All that said, it's worth mentioning that cognitive psychologists have determined that willpower fades the later in the day it gets, meaning that you're more vulnerable to overeating and emotional snacking in the evening.

So If you do choose to consume your calories late at night, just be mindful of eating from a place of actual hunger, as opposed to stress, boredom, or habit.

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